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Zoë b Organic makes and sells BPA-free, sustainable, organic products for babies and kids. Our company was founded by Valerie Lecoeur, a mother of three young children who was born and raised in France and now lives in North Carolina.

Valerie founded Zoë b because she passionately believes moms deserve options that are healthier for both our kids and our planet. Take our beach toys: It all started when Valerie was walking on the beach with her kids in Amagansett, New York. They were doing one of their “Trash And Treasure Hunts”—but sadly, the kids were finding mostly trash. Frustrated by all the plastic debris that had washed up on the beach, Valerie had a thought: Why not take one thing every family brings to the beach and make it biodegradable, so it’ll disappear in a couple of years if it gets accidentally left behind and washed out to sea? And that’s how the world’s first biodegradable beach toys were born.

Zoë b is also proud to have introduced the world’s #1 all-natural rubber pacifier, Natursutten, to the United States. Made in Italy, Natursutten is completely free of BPA, phthalates, and PVC. In fact, Zoë b was the first to market a BPA-free pacifier in this country–long before it became a talked-about issue. And Natursutten is the ultimate “green” pacifier: chemical-free, biodegradable, made from renewable resources, and packaged with recycled paper and soy ink. Zoë b is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Natursutten.

When it comes to children’s dishes, we believe even BPA-free isn’t enough–so we’ve gone plastic-free and created the brand Kidishes: kid-friendly, tempered-glass dishes from Duralex in France. Unlike a lot of plastic, Kidishes contain no BPA, phthalates, or PVC–which means you won’t have harmful chemicals leaching into your children’s food. And because they’re made of tempered glass, they’re 2.5 times stronger than ordinary glass. Kidishes are also microwave and dishwasher-safe.

This fall, we’re going a step further and introducing a line of biodegradable Kidishes, made from the same, eco-friendly bioplastic as our beach toys.

And for babies, there’s the Zoë b Sleepy Hat. Made with 100% organic cotton here in the U.S., it features a unique, fold-down mask that blocks out light and helps keep baby asleep in the stroller, in the car, or on the plane. It’s invaluable for moms on the go, and its cute, “eyes closed” graphic design makes it a popular shower gift.

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