july 12-14: beach to portland and back again.



June 12th. Arch Cape to Cannon Beach to Portland.

After coffee and homemade blueberry scones, courtesy of our Arch Cape hosts, we headed over to the more populated Cannon Beach and did a family beach clean-up while a sandcastle contest was going on (if only they’d had biodegradable beach toys). We forgot our garbage bags and had to make do with smaller bags made available for picking up after your dog, but still managed to find a wide selection of trash, much of it plastic. In just 45 minutes or so, we found several pieces of beach toys. Then packed up the family and headed inland to Portland.


June 13th. 18-hour day in Portland, but barely seeing Portland.

Got everyone up at 4:45 am—not a pretty sight in an RV filled with 8 people—and headed into town for a live news report on the Tour with the local ABC station. Everything went surprisingly smoothly as Valerie talked about plastic pollution and the toys, with a brief cameo by our whole group. Then, after a quick stop at Krispy Kreme (we are from Winston-Salem, after all), we drove to the Fox affiliate for another live report. Thanks to both stations for helping us get the word out.

Here’s Valerie (and Lucas) on KPTV (Fox) in Portland.



June 14th. Go west, young family, go west.

After some much-needed sleep, we again hit the road, heading back to the coast. It’s great to be back at the beach! We stopped at one of the first state parks we saw on the ocean—there are many—and several of us tested out the water. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that frigid, with all fingers and toes remaining intact. Spent the night in a nearby campground at Cape Perpetua, where we saw an over 500 year-old Sitka spruce tree. It’s a sign of things to come, as we drive 200 miles south on Friday to the Redwoods forest. We’re taking a few days just slightly inland to see the mighty trees. (But we haven’t lost sight of the forest: promoting cleaner beaches.)


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