your plastic-free beach day

Here’s what you can do to help keep plastic off our beaches:

  • Ban the plastic baggie and use re-usable snack bags instead. Our favorite brand is Lunchskins. With their bright colors, you can find them easily on the beach.
  • Bring your own food in stainless-steel containers.
  • Bring your own glass or steel water bottles, and please, no more little plastic straws from juice boxes. To make sure your bottles stay cold, freeze half the juice or water the night before. At our house, we love Lifefactory water bottles.

And one more fun thing you can do for our oceans: Go on a “Trash and Treasure Hunt” with your kids, picking up garbage on the beach. You’ll teach your kids a great lesson and maybe even inspire other people to do the same. Below are our 3 kids on the beach in Amagansett, NY–picking up trash. Not only will you find stuff that makes you mad (see below), your kids will discover all sorts of “treasure”, too.

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